Winter Door and Lock Maintenance

UPVC / Composite Door Security
November 23, 2017
One Key House
February 4, 2018

Winter Door and Lock Maintenance

During the Winter Month’s you may notice your locks become stiff to use and your doors hard to close. This can be a particular problem with UPVC doors, But wooden and composite doors can be affected. Locks can be serviced and adjusted in most cases by a Locksmith, It’s a good idea to get this done before they fail, and unfortunately, failure normally means a lockout situation. Most UPVC and Composite Doors have adjustable hinges, such as this Triad Hinge by Avocet Hardware.

A Locksmith will be able to adjust these for you or even replace is needed. Handles can be damaged by forcing them up to lock the door, or they may have become worn by years of use. However, They can easily be replaced with new ones and they are available in a variety of finishes.

Please get in touch if you need help with your Doors, Locks or Handles.

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