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  • by Tiffany Knowlson
  • 10 Aug, 2016

We now accept all major Credit and Debit cards including American Express.

Locksmith Files

by DAVID HILL 15 Dec, 2017
During the Winter Month's you may notice your locks become stiff to use and your doors hard to close. This can be a particular problem with UPVC doors, But wooden and composite doors can be affected. Locks can be serviced and adjusted in most cases by a Locksmith, It's a good idea to get this done before they fail, and unfortunately, failure normally means a lockout situation. Most UPVC and Composite Doors have adjustable hinges, such as this Triad Hinge by Avocet Hardware.
A Locksmith will be able to adjust these for you or even replace is needed. Handles can be damaged by forcing them up to lock the door, or they may have become worn by years of use. However, They can easily be replaced with new ones and they are available in a variety of finishes.

Please get in touch if you need help with your Doors, Locks or Handles.
by DAVID HILL 23 Nov, 2017
Sadly the number of Break Ins around Oxfordshire has increased, and will probably increase further leading up to Christmas. Do you have a UPVC or Composite Door? Do you know if your door is secure? Do you know what to look for?

Does your Door lock have a Deadbolt and additional Hooks/Deadbolts? Such as the lock in the picture?

Next we need to look at the Lock Cylinder fitted, Is it snap secure? Is it British Standard? We are looking for a British Standard Kite mark on the face of the Cylinder.
by DAVID HILL 19 Nov, 2017
Composite and UPVC door locks can be affected by a sudden drop in outside temperature. The door frame will start to contract, which can result in a poor fit between the lock and the door frame itself. You can start to have problems lifting the handle to lock the door and might be tempted to force the handle and damage the locks.

If this starts to happen, it’s a good idea to call your local locksmith to service the lock and adjust the striker plates and hinges. Don’t leave it to fail as you might find yourself locked in or out of your house.
by DAVID HILL 13 Nov, 2017
Here are a few Tips to help you stay safe and secure. Always close and lock your doors and windows when you go out. Don't leave gardening tools lying around, lock them up in a shed or garage. If you have a garden gate it is advisable to have some kind of locking fitted, make sure the gate is locked when you are away from the property. Combination key safes are ideal when you need to leave a key for a tradesman or visitor. The combinations can be changed regularly and these are safer than leaving a key under a mat or plant pot. Don't leave car keys on tables or hooks which are visible through your letterbox, It is also a good idea to fit letterbox guards.
by DAVID HILL 08 Nov, 2017
The need for additional security in the workplace has grown significantly over the last few years.  A compact digital lock specifically designed for office furniture applications, making it easier to lock all the valuables away.
The compact and discreet lock can easily be installed onto drawers and cabinets. The keypad coded locks take the hassle of using keys way and the locks can easily be fitted in place of key locks on existing office furniture.
by DAVID HILL 28 Oct, 2017
When the clocks go back, burglaries surge by 25% as thieves take advantage of the darker nights. 1 in 10 domestic burglaries take place in November.  Burglaries rise by around 30% over Halloween and Bonfire Night. Ensure your home is fully secure, the winter weather can damage gates & fences. Secure boundaries to make access to your property more difficult for tempted thieves.
by DAVID HILL 15 Oct, 2017
With the rise of automated homes and smart technology, week three is dedicated to the advances in smart home security, looking at the latest security gadgets available to protect your home.
Almost 1/4 of people have some smart capabilities in their home and 27% of people own at least one smart product.
55% of people surveyed like the idea of being able to control their home security through an app and 1/3 of people would like a smart hub in their home that connects all their smart devices together.
 Feel free to give us a call to arrange a free survey to upgrade your home security!
by DAVID HILL 08 Oct, 2017
Get your home ready for the winter months ahead. Use our checklist to see if you need any home security improvements. 25 % of Brits do not have any home security at all. If this is you, please get in touch for a free survey!
by DAVID HILL 01 Oct, 2017
Home Security Checklist for Main Entry and Exit Doors and Windows
- External timber doors secured with a mortice lock and/or nightlatch that meet British Standard BS3621
- TS007 Kitemarked cylinder in PVCu or composite doors
- TS008 Letterplate restrictor on front door
- Digital door viewer on front door
- Door chain
- Can you see who’s at the door without opening it?
- No valuables visible from the street
- All windows have at least one, key-operated window lock
by DAVID HILL 20 Sep, 2017
Boost your security with a British Standard Deadlock fitted with both Lock and Frame Guards. Call Thames Valley Lock and Safe to arrange your free survey now on 07830 168795. Featured Products – Era Fortress Deadlock, Lock and Frame Guards by Kickstop.
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