Are Your Windows Simply Like Unlocked Doors To A Burglar?

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October 8, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Are Your Windows Simply Like Unlocked Doors To A Burglar?


It’s Vital to Check Now!!!

As many as 10 million homes across the UK have been fitted with windows that have external beading. If you are one of these households, You need to do something about it straight away as glass in externally beaded windows can be very easy to remove.

How Can You Tell?

You Do This By Simply Looking At The Windows!

In externally beaded windows, The glass has been put in from the outside and is held in place by strips of plastic (The Beads) which are clipped in place between the glass and the frame. Internally beaded windows are simply the opposite with the beading on the inside.

NO-GO Glass Locks

The Simple, Low Cost Solution

The NO-GO Glass Lock is fitted by securing a metal lock base to the glass, Using an adhesive developed to give an exceptionally strong bond to glass. A metal clamp is secured to the base. The clamp then prevents the glass from being removed. The clamp is adjustable and fits all sizes of domestic windows. Two locks per glazed pane are sufficient to prevent the glass from being removed.

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